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MUKETSU nets are strong, so the threads are thinner. This reduces raw material usage and cuts down on weight, helping fishing vessels save money by keeping fuel consumption down.

With a knotless design and fine threading, MUKETSU nets are less bulky than others that cover the same area. By limiting bulk, the vessel’s center of gravity is kept low, thus improving balance.

MUKETSU nets open well and resist tidal effects, thus improving sedimentation velocity and giving you a better chance at landing the catch you’re after.

Polyester stands up poorly to bending and twisting, so MUKETSU maximize polyester’s inherent toughness.
Polyester has a higher specific gravity than nylon, so it sinks faster – and faster sinking speed means that you can use a smaller, lighter lead for anchoring.

Sturdy, fine-threaded MUKETSU products are also compact, so storage – even in small spaces – is easy.

With their fine threading and knotless design, MUKETSU nets are lightweight, which helps reduce costs for support posts and other structures. The products also have high penetration efficiency, thus limiting the effects of wind and maximizing safety.